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About us
FNMD is a financial boutique specializing in project structuring, financial modeling and consulting services.

The company deals with both private entrepreneurs and large corporations with the amount of projects varying from 30 million to 5 billion rubles.
We are a team of professionals with experience in the Big 4 companies (KPMG, Deloitte, PWC, Ernst & Young) and major investment banks. We are united by a focus on results and self-confidence.
We will be happy to answer your questions and help you to determine the list of services needed specifically for your case.
Project management
FNMD has extensive experience in implementing large-scale projects, as well as startups in various fields. We will carry out a full-fledged market analysis, help shape the product and its development strategy, attract financing and will accompany the project as long as necessary.
Pre-investment preparation
If you have faced a need to develop high-quality materials for investors or credit organizations, we will be happy to prepare an investment memorandum and teaser for you, develop a financial model and accompany your transaction.
We will conduct a marketing analysis, form a project development strategy, make up a financial model and a pitch deck, as well as help develop an MVP and launch your project.
Every day we provide consulting services both on a one-time basis and on the basis of ongoing support. We will analyze and audit your project, develop a feasibility study and cost analysis, measure risks and make an alternative forecast. And, of course, we will answer all your questions.
Other cases
We are always happy to provide more information of other cases within an additional request
Contact details
Alexey Ovsyannikov
Tel: +971 442 30 381
WhatsApp: +7 910 436 27 68
Telegram: aovsyannikov
E-mail: a.ovsyannikov@fnmd.world
Dubai, UAE